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These delicious (lightly sweetened) cream-cheese filled
strawberries are the bomb and they are SO easy to put together!

I came across some early season strawberries from A Stone’s Throw Farm Co. this weekend and could not resist making these using the Almond Granola blend. In the past, before CGG days, I would use ground graham crackers as my topping. But, with granola being around 24-7 the past year +, my oldest son came up with this idea and it was a big hit. Hope you give this a try and enjoy them as much as we do!

Core your strawberries. I used a tool designed for this, but you can do this with a teaspoon. Wash and dry berries and set aside while you prep your filling.

Mix (by hand or with an electric mixer)
1/2 block of softened cream cheese
1/4 C of powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract (your choice)

Using a small teaspoon fill your berries with as much cream cheese filling that you can fit into the hole you created when you cored them. Leave a good amount of filling on the top of the berries so that the granola has something to adhere to.

Dip filled strawberries into your favorite crumbled granola. Refrigerate finished berries until ready to eat.